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The Greek Residency by Investment Program through property with a minimum of €250,000

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What Is Golden Visa?

A Golden Visa is a type of residence visa with added benefits, offered by several European countries including Greece. It is an investment scheme that ensures visa-free travel in the Schengen zone to non-European investors and their families.

Greece has established a flexible and fast-track procedure for non – EU/EEA foreign investors who wish to obtain a residence permit for their business activities in Greece. Within the framework of implementation of investment the Immigration and Social Integration Code (Law 4251/2014, Government Gazette  1, no 80) contains provisions that facilitate the granting of residence permits to third country nationals who intend to invest in Greece, for a minimum of € 250,000 and to members of their families.

The Golden Visa Programme in Greece is exceptionally competitive as it features friendly terms, minimizing both the amount of the capital required and with the help of investment consultants it is easy to obtain. It is an investor residence permit and it can be renewed indefinitely as long as the main applicant keeps the investment, while there is no requirement to stay in Greece whatsoever.

Greece offers the most affordable Golden Visa Option, with a minimum of € 250,000, the lowest investment capital required for a European residence permit.


Who Is Eligible for a Greek Golden Visa?

All non-EU citizens are eligible to apply for a Golden Visa, as long as the total investment is no less than €250,000.

Golden Visa for Families

  • Children under 21 years of age
  • Spouse or partner with a co-habitation agreement (concluded in Greece)
  • Parents and parents in laws of the main investor

May all benefit from the same investment of €250,000 and above and issue a permanent European residence permit too.

Golden Visa Investment Options

Investors have the flexibility to switch between the 3 investment options running a straightforward procedure and at a minimum cost.

Eligible investment options under GOLDEN VISA LAW consist of 3 alternatives:

Article 16:

Residence Permit for General Investments (investment threshold: €250,000)

Residence Permit with the purchase of intangible assets – shares, bonds, bank deposits etc (investment threshold: €400,000)

Article 20:

Residence Permit with the purchase/leasing of Real Estate Property/ies investment threshold: €250,000)

Benefits of the Greek Golden Visa

Fast process

Family members included Children under 21, Parents & In-laws

No nationality restrictions

No requirement to live in Greece

Immediate access to European education

Access to Business* As a shareholder, a CEO or a Board Member

Citizenship option After 7 years, after a minimum stay per year is met

Unlimited renewal of residence permit As long as the investment remains in possession

Visa Free travel within the 26 Schengen countries

Immediate income from investment, Flexible investment options

Interested for Greek Permanent Residency by Investment?

Our advisors can help you invest in Greece and enjoy Europe!


Investors and their family members can start the procedures remotely, without entering Greece during or prior to the application process.

The entire Golden Visa application can now be completed from abroad, including; the application for a Greek Tax Number, opening a Greek bank account, property acquisition, submission of a business plan or implementation of financial products, by signing a Power of Attorney at a Greek Consulate that is nearest to an investor’s current residence.

The Best Alternative Golden Visa Strategy - Term Deposit

The Greek government has expanded the golden visa program, implementing new legal amendments that allow the acquisition of residency permit via eight (8) additional categories of investment in specific forms of securities or a bank deposit exceeding the value of €400,000 either as individuals or through legal entities.

Greek Taxes & Tax incentives

Greece offers new incentives for relocation.

High-net-worth individuals have already taken action quickly when the don-domicile tax scheme was introduced earlier in 2020. Greece as a tax haven is not reserved to the upper class, retirees and executives, employees and other entrepreneurs also have their shares as well.


Greek Non-Domicile Tax Residence Scheme

Alternative taxation of income arising outside Greece for individuals who transfer their tax residence in Greece

  • Exhaustion of tax liability for any foreign-sourced income by paying an annual flat tax of €100.000, regardless  of the amount of income earned abroad  and with no obligation to declare any  foreign income in Greece.
  • exemption from any inheritance or donation tax, as regards any property abroad.


Retirees re-domiciling into Greece

Foreign pensioners and alternative taxation of their foreign source income

  • A 7% flat tax applies on foreign source pensions and any other foreign source income
  • Effective tax rate is subject to application of Double Taxation Conventions (DTCs) between Greece and relevant source states. Under most DTCs between Greece and OECD states  taxing rights on pensions are in principle  attributed to the state of tax residence (save  for pensions related to governmental  functions).
  • An exemption from special solidarity contribution applies.


Transfer of tax residence of individuals in Greece (“Digital Nomads”)

Exemption from paying income tax and solidarity tax on 50% of their Greek employment income


The Greek Parliament ratified a new law introducing a special tax regime to attract private family offices that caters to ultra-affluent clients with lower taxes.

The new legislation allows family wealth management firms with at least five employees and an annual expenditure of minimum €1m ($1.2m) to knock off staff costs and operating expenses from their tax bill.

  • Such offices will be taxed using the ‘cost plus method’ (CPM) under the OECD’s transfer pricing guidelines for tax purposes.
  • The tax authorities will undertake a 7% profit margin on incurred expenditures.
  • The corporate income tax rate in Greece is currently at 24%. With the new law, the effective tax rate on family wealth management firms will stand at 1.68%.

Comparison between EU Programs

The following table is a comparison between South EU countries offering the most popular “Citizenship by Investment” (CBI) and “Residence by Investment” (RBI) programs available to non-EU citizens

Eligigle Investments
REAL ESTATE€ 250.000€ 500.000€ 500.000
BANK DEPOSIT€ 400.000€1,000,000€1,000,000
QUALIFIED FUNDS€ 400.000€350,000
(in Qualifying  Portuguese funds)
Qualified Funds
GOVERNMENT  BONDS€ 400.000€350,000
(in RtD are National Heritage,  Arts, Culture in Portugal)
BUSINESS€ 250.000Business
(who create min 10 full time jobs  owned entirely by the Investor)
(shares traded in  stock exchange)
GV Program
MINIMUM  RESIDENCE  REQUIREMENTNo requirement7-14 days1 visit/year
INITIAL  RESIDENCY  STATUS5years of permanent residence1year Temporary1 year Temporary
RENEWALOnce after 5 year periodAt the end of 1st , 3rd and 5th yearAt the end of 1st,  3rd & 8th year
TIME TO  RESIDENCE1-2 months3-6 months1-2 months
TIME TO  CITIZENSHIPUnder conditions  after 7 yearsUnder conditions after  5 yearsUnder conditions  after 10 years
ELIGIBILITY OF  FAMILY MEMBERS3 generations of  family members  without conditions3 generations of family  members upon proof  of financial dependency3 generations of family  members upon proof of  financial dependency
Government Fees
APPROVAL  FEE€2,016 for the main  Investor & €166/family member€5,857/visa holder  for the 1st year€5,000/visa  holder for the 1st year
FEES  DURING THE  FIRST 5  YEARS€2,016 for the  main Investor &
€166/ family member
€12,247 /each  visa holder€11,000 /each  visa holder
every renewal for  the main investor &
€166/family  member
€3,195/ each  visa holder€3,000/each  visa holder

Who We Are & What We Do

Energopiisi S.A.  was formed in 2012 in Greece by a team of top professionals from spheres of legal, tax, real estate, financial planning and engineering.

Its focus on providing top-notch consultancy with emphasis on performance, transparency and reporting standards soon established itself as one of the country’s core advisory for large-scale merges and acquisitions and a valuable partner for corporations and foreign institutions.

Since the launch of the Greek Golden Visa Program in 2014, Energopiisi has been chosen by a multitude of high-net-worth individuals from different corners of the world to support and implement their long-term investment plans in the country.  Over all these years, Energopiisi has grown itself into a distinguished advisory brand of real estate projects and residence scheme by investment, a brand which investors trust and can rely on.

For the purpose of streamlining workflow and resources, in 2019 Energopiisi SA was merged with Synergia S.A. (, a technical consultancy of the same group, which is focused in RES investment projects for corporate energy players.    

This integration further strengthens our position in the Greek investment consultancy sector and gives us the chance to serve our clients more efficiently by providing high quality services at all levels.  Investors can expect Synergia will continue to accomplish the missions of the Energopiisi brand.

Through our parent company, we have expanded our business activities in the UAE region, in order to provide full-fledged real time services to our clients. Having expanded our reach there we are able to serve the investors of the UAE and neighbouring regions with premium investment consultation.

Our mission is to facilitate international investments in Greece, simplify the complicated processes and ensure sustainable & profitable investments.


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