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Beyond numbers and statistics, it is the quality of life in Greece the country offers to Greek residence permit holders that sets an investment in Greece apart from the rest of the Golden Visa Programmes.

History and culture

history and culture

Greek ancient civilisation and cultural legacy is prominent throughout the cities as well as islands with well-preserved monuments, museums, relics and cultural events and activities. A characteristic representation of ancient relics and temples coexisting with a modern landscape is the Historical Center of Athens where ancient and current architecture merge harmoniously.



Either visiting as a tourist or moving to Greece, you will soon find out that this is a vibrant country. With shops being open until late and people populating the streets constantly, security is prioritised. Most importantly, nearly everyone speaks English, so it is easy to find your way around.



Public and private healthcare of high standards is available to foreign investors just as to the locals. The hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers in Greece are widespread and fully equipped with well-trained medical professionals who are familiar with providing treatment to non-Greek speaking patients such as Golden Visa investors.



There are several International schools in Athens for primary and secondary education as well as universities. In the same manner, Golden visa holders may attend European Universities with the same benefits as EU citizens.

The famous Greek Weather

greek weather

Being amongst the sunniest countries in Europe, life in Greece is bright and the weather makes daily outdoor activities a breeze while maximizing the holiday season for tourists.


Greek entertainment

Venues to go out in Greece are available 24/7 varying from traditional music and dancing to mainstream bars and clubs.



Restaurants and cafes are really popular amongst locals and tourists alike, with choices ranging from high profile gourmet eateries to traditional outdoor family owned taverns. Food in Greece is based on the flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine and offers a variety of choices to suit different tastes.

The Greeks

the Greeks

Being part of a culture shaped around hospitality and tourism, Greeks are used to welcoming nationalities from every part of the world, most being fluent in English and willing to show newcomers and visitors around. Whether you are visiting Greece as a tourist, planning on staying long-term, or moving to Greece, locals are welcoming and amenities are high quality making your stay pleasant and easy to adapt to.