Local investment consultants in Greece

Golden visa specialists in Athens

We founded Energopiisi AE, as a team of investment advisors, determined to facilitate International investments in Greece by specializing in the Golden Visa, residency by investment Programme.

We have built an experienced multidisciplinary team of legal, engineering and real estate advisors with relevant expertise for a Golden Visa investment in Greece.

In this framework, we have focused on the Golden Visa Programme, which calls for tailor-made solutions, specific personal requirements and straightforward solutions.

The Golden Visa Team

We are a family owned business bringing together experts from all fields related to Golden visa program like real estate and civil engineering, shaping a one-stop-shop for a Golden Visa.

Everyone can be reached on our office number +30 211 800 0026 and via email on info@goldenvisa-greece.com, but feel free to browse our individual profiles for specific contact information.


Stelios Antellis

Co Founder

What I can help you with

Arranging a meeting in Dubai, where Stelios permanently resides, for an introduction to the programme and a consultation.

Theodore Venetsanos

Co Founder

What I can help you with

Advice on general investments, for those who wish to acquire a Golden Visa by conducting business in Greece (general investment) rather than property acquisition (real estate investment)


Mary Tsiganou

Vice President, Head of Legal Department

What I can help you with

Legal and financial queries as well as questions on the process of obtaining a Golden Visa. An expert on the laws and country specific technicalities of Greece.

Aris Angelopoulos


What I can help you with

Legal advice regarding the Greek framework and support once you are in Greece to issue your Golden Visa.


Froso Kollarou

Front desk

What I can help you with

Our receptionist, greeting investors in our offices as well as handling phone communications and appointments.

Pelin Güngör

Communications Coordinator & Investor Relations

What I can help you with

Assistance to obtain the Golden Visa residence permit and answer your questions about the process, its requirements and any aspect of the programme. Native Turkish speaker.

Joan Yau

Communications Coordinator & Investors Relations

What I can help you with

Personal advisor for investors interested in investing in Greece, here to answer your questions on the Golden Visa Programme. Native Chinese speaker.


Lida Venetsanou

Digital Marketing

What I can help you with

Digital presence of Golden Visa Greece by Energopiisi, campaigns, sponsorships, social media and events.

Dennis Wei

Marketing Assistant

What I can help you with

In charge of content creation and promotional activities focused on the Chinese market. Native Chinese speaker.


Sotiris Apostolopoulos

Head of Real estate Department

What I can help you with

An expert on the Greek real estate market and a civil engineer. Advice on property prices, negotiations with sellers, due diligence of your property options and investment proposals.

Fokas Mourtzakis

Real Estate Coordinator

What I can help you with

Tailored investment property proposals and arrangement of viewings. Real Estate agent.

For more information on what we can do for you, feel free to browse our Golden Visa services or simply reach out by completing the form.

42 Vasilisis Amalias ave.,
Syntagma 10558 Athens, Greece

+30 211 800 0026