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The Golden Visa Programme boasts an extensive list of benefits ranging from financial gains to the freedom of visa-free travel that a real estate investment in Greece offers non-European investors. In order to inspire you further, below we have collected some key points, brought up during our experience with Ιnternational investors.


A source of income: Fast Return On Investment

The Golden Visa Programme is primarily an investment opportunity; therefore, the fast return on investment is high on the performance indicators’ list. The favourable terms of the scheme combined with the fast-growing Greek economy indexes, provide a promising context for a quick and reliable return on investment as well as lucrative options to re-sell at a higher price in the future. This is due to the Greek Economy currently bouncing back from a 10-year recession.


An additional homecountry

A soon as the permanent residence permit is issued, investors and their families have the option to live in Greece and travel freely to any other European Schengen country if they wish to do so. This freedom of choice and movement makes the Golden Visa program an exceptionally powerful and useful tool when building one’s future.


Freedom to travel in Europe without a Visa

Enjoy visa-free traveling without entry visas or further justification at the airport, since Golden Visa holders are granted unlimited, unrestricted travel throughout Europe’s Schengen Zone.


Greece benefits from having the lowest required amount in Europe, a determining factor for the competitive advantage of the Golden Visa programme in Greece. Apart from this, Greece is a country full of alternatives, both in terms of lifestyle and in investment opportunities.


Quick process to get a European residence permit

With a reliable investment advisor, issuing a Golden Visa in Greece is a fast-paced process that will take approximately 40-60 days. Although it is bureaucratic, we can efficiently guide you through the steps if time is of the essence for you and issue a Golden Visa as quickly as possible, often in less than 2 months.


Family members included

The main investor’s spouse, children under 21 years old, parents and in-laws are eligible to benefit from the same investment.


No requirement to live in Greece

Contrary to other countries’ requirements, staying in Greece is entirely optional with no obligation of visiting after issuing a Golden Visa.


No nationality restrictions

Everyone is welcome to apply for permanent Greek residency since all countries outside Europe are eligible for the Greek Golden Visa Programme, with the exact same terms.


Unlimited renewal of travel visa

A Greek Golden visa may be renewed indefinitely, as long as the investor keeps the investment.


Citizenship option

Get a citizenship after 7 years and under specific conditions. Dual citizenship is permitted.


Education for Children of International investors

Once permanent residency is established for the investors and their families, children gain immediate access to European education- from International schools to European universities.