Helping investors obtain a Golden Visa in Greece

Energopiisi AE is a team of investment consultants that can help you get a Golden Visa by investing in Greece. We believe in having options and have shaped our company around this mentality.

Established in Greece in 2012, under company registration number 120005201000, we have worked with private investors as well as companies, helping them expand their business in Greece by guiding them towards sustainable and profitable investment opportunities. 

Having handled a plethora of international investments in Greece of over 190 million Euros we have issued a remarkable number of residence permits, business visas and D-type investment visas.

We believe in having options

Our mission is to facilitate International investments in Greece by simplifying the complicated processes that go with it.

Through our Golden visa services, we help investors by offering


Guidance through every step of the way

Guidance through every step of the way
We have shaped our company in a way that allows us to help and support investors during the entire process of acquiring a Golden Visa.

Our team have experts in all the related areas, so we can provide one-stop service to our clients when they want to buy properties in Greece. This is why we believe that working with investment advisors rather than individual professionals from different firms is more cost, time and energy saving.

tailor made solutions

Tailor made solutions

The Golden Visa Programme is not limited to real estate investments.

According to the Law No.4251/2014 a Golden Visa may be acquired through general investment instead of buying a property in Greece. As investment consultants we can help you towards general investments that may include anything from setting up your own business to buying a hotel.

In the same way, when proposing real estate investment opportunities we handpick a selection of properties according to each person’s preferences, personal criteria and return on investment expectations.

large scale investments

Experience with large-scale investments

The reason we are confident in our work is because we have carried out larger projects, advising International investors, private and corporate, towards lucrative investment opportunities, relevant to their core business and sustainable for their future.

By working with companies for projects ranging from renewable energy parks to real estate development we have experienced first-hand the requirements to carry out a successful investment in Greece and have figured out the best ways to suit the needs of every investor.

after sales support

After sales support

We strive to cover every aspect of investing in Greece, from the initial consultation to helping you make the most out of your investment afterwards. For the Golden Visa Program we undertake the management, maintenance and formalities of our clients’ properties.