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The flexibility of the Golden Visa Programme in Greece allows non-European investors to choose from many types of properties, offering a variety of real estate investment opportunities for their permanent Greek residence permit application; from residential traditional island homes to newly refurbished sleek offices in the City Center, there are options for everyone.

The way we propose real estate investment opportunities is through strong established relationships of an extensive network of partners ranging from real estate agents and developers to private homeowners. Being an investment consultancy instead of solely an estate agency or legal office allows us to broaden our real estate database and cater even to the most uncommon or specific needs of investors. We handpick and propose a variety from many types of properties, selected according to investor’s preferences- we don’t work with pre-built, constraining lists.

Residential & Commercial property types to invest in Greece

In order to familiarize yourself with what types of real estate you can invest in, below we have outlined the kinds of properties available in Greece and the most popular investment locations to inspire you further with your selection.



As part of a building. In Athens buildings are normally 3-7 floors high with 1-3 flats per floor.


An apartment or house spread over multiple floors. Usually two levels connected with an internal staircase. Normally from 60 up to 300 sqm.

Detached house

A stand-alone property, about 1-2 stories high, without any other properties above or under it. Normally from 100 up to 500 sqm.

Villa (Stand-alone individual house)

A detached property without any other properties, above, below, or directly next to it. Usually with a garden, garage, pool, plenty of space, privacy and outdoor amenities. Normally from 100 up to 1.500 sqm.


Commercial property

Stores, offices, logistics (commercial warehouse & storage units).

Tourist property

Rooms to let, properties capable for short term lease, countryside villas for summer holidays.


A hotel in the city center or in the Greek islands (readily available or with the option to renovate for future use or re-sell opportunities).