Yunanistan’da yatırımınızı,

Doğru sektörde, Doğru zamanda, Doğru partner ile yapın

Yunanistan’da €250.000 veya daha fazla yatırım yap, daimi oturma izni kazan!

generating income

Enerji, Turizm, Yiyecek ve İçecek, İhracat Odaklı İmalat, Lojistik, Yaşam Bilimleri, BİT

Yatırım Eşiği



Hisseler, Yunan Hükümet Bonoları, Şirket Tahvilleri, Vadeli Banka Hesabı

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Ticari Gayrimenkuller, Depolar ve Lojistik, Arsalar, Binalar ve Oteller

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Actually I have nothing to say more for you to improve yourself. You are doing your best. You are more than a golden visa firm. You are a good friend who is trying to help for finding a home in Athens.

Iskender Demirci, Turkey October 2020

Regarding the legal and administrative processes I would highly recommend Energopiisi team as they are meticulous, reliable and always timely in their responses.

Anonymous, July 2020

Our adventure completely started by chance; I clicked the first website which seemed professional to me and we immediately got in touch. I remember very well, it was a friday afternoon, they were so quick, so straight to the point, they understood what I exactly wanted so very easily that on monday, we were looking at the houses I chose in Athens. They are so lovely, so friendly, and yet so professional as a whole team. They have helped me in all possible and impossible ways! Believe me, I had my very hard times and they made the impossible, possible for me. I didn’t buy a house in Athens; I finally found my ‘home’! No words are enough to express my gratitude for their work, and my love for who they are. They have given me a home, along with a life time family!!

Zeynep Akıncı, Turkey July 2020

I wanted to obtain a Greek residency and by chance found energopiisi. From day1 they explained all my options very clearly and in detail and once I picked the most suitable option for me and my company, they then took care of all bureaucratic steps on my behalf without any issue. Given Greek formalities can sometimes be nevenrending processes, I suppose If I went for this journey without any help I had spent significantly more yet achieved nothing. I’d like to thank Mary and all other energopiisi staff behind the doors who made my dream come true. I strongly recommend their services for those who seek robust and professional care.

Ali Özbek , Turkey July 2020

Golden Visa, Yunanistan’da 250.000 € ve üzeri yatırım yapan Avrupalı olmayan sakinlere sunulan, daimi oturma iznidir.

Avrupa Schengen Bölgesi’nde özgürce seyahat edebilir, yatırım getirinizden sabit bir pasif gelir elde edebilir ve ailenizle birlikte Yunanistan’a taşınabilirsiniz.

Yunanistan’da Golden Visa el etmek, bir Yunan vergi numarası oluşturmak, banka hesabı açmak ve nereye yatırım yapmak istediğinize karar vermekle başlar.

Şirketimiz dünya çapındaki müşterilerimize her zaman en iyi hizmeti sunmaya çalışmaktadır.

%5’ini dosyaladı

2020'de Yunanistan’da verilen toplam oturma izinlerininin

+245 sonuç elde etti.

İş ve D Tipi vizeler ve oturma izinlerinde


Golden Visa Başvurularındaki Başarı Oranı

1GW* sonuç aldı

Yenilenebilir Enerji Kaynakları Yatırım anlaşmalarında totalde

€500 million

Kanalize ettiği uluslararası Yatırım miktarı
*danışmanlık, saha çalışmaları, işletme ve bakım kapsamındaki projeler + 380MW yapım aşamasında

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Arab Hellenic Chamber

Not sure what exactly you can improve, but suggest to maintain the same high level of service and expertise aiming to exceed, like in my case, customer expectations.

YS, Ukraine June 2020

Very helpful in providing the information that we require, quick response and informative.

Miss Pun, Hong Kong June 2020

The best impression I have of this agency is that I’ve never had the feeling of a company which only seek profit (like others do). They helped me from the beginning with accurate information, tips and suggestions, without asking money for it. Due to the corona virus crisis the agency managed to coordinate the service very intelligently and after making my investment it took only 4 days to have the interview with the migration authorities. The agency also worked for me during the weekends… really, it was a permanent nice impression. The meeting in Athens was very interesting and I like the team very much. We reached our goal successfully and we are now only waiting for the formal expedition of the permanent residence permit. I’ve no doubt about suggesting this agency to my friends and colleges!

Anonymous, Argentina June 2020

حينما فكرت انا و ابني الاستثمار خارج بلدي مصر زرت نحو سبع شركات للتعرف علي خدماتهم و كان الاختيار يميل بوضوح الي شركتكم الموقره.. حيث تاثرنا اهتمامكم بالتواصل معنا باللغه العربيه و سرعه استجابتكم و الرد علي استفساراتنا و تقديم كل العون و المعلومات الموثقة لنا.. لقد نجحتم من خلال أداء مدام ليلي عرفي في سرعه بناء جسور الثقه و الاحساس بالامان و الامن.. الامر الذي سهل علينا امور كثيره كنا نجهلها عن الاستثمار و الحصول علي الاقامه في اليونان..
اري ان توفر عامل المصداقيه و الاحترافيه في العمل مع الاحساس بالالفه و روح العائله من اهم عوامل نجاحكم.. و الله الموفق..

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Baki Ibrahim,
Egypt June 2020